Please work with us on this policy. We are trying to make the payment method easy and accountable for everyone.

Seniors - Fitness Class Payment Policy

Under 60 - Fitness Class Payment Policy


We also offer an under 60 punch card. The cost of these punch cards are $50 for 10 classes or you can purchase a single drop in pass for $7

NOTE: By buying one of the above packages, you will save 50 cents per class.

A single class pass may also be purchased for $3 each time.

Seniors - Fitness Class Payment Policy

For seniors (60 and above) the payment policy for fitness classes is a $3.00 donation that is paid when you take the class. To make it easier and more convenient for our participants and our instructors, we use a Fitness Class Punch Card. This punch card will be presented to the instructor prior to every class; the instructor will then punch a hole in the card so we can track attendance. We offer discounts on classes depending on the cash value on the card. 

These cards can be used for any classes, have no expiration date and are refundable if you are not able to attend classes for any reason, thus no financial risk.​

The cost of these cards (for seniors) will be $15.00 for 6 classes, $30.00 for 12 classes, and $50.00 for 20 classes. ​​​